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Dien Dan Rao Vat Bat Dong San

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các diễn đàn rao vặt có rank cao Most shows and games end up being a cold read. Little or no cooking. Sometimes I have no idea what species or even gender my characters will be going to be, not to say dialects or ages! I'm grateful that the Transformers gang gives me the luxury of a number of of days to sit with the script and figure out where the story is on the way. I'm not in every episode, so sometimes I've to play catch up. I always do research when I will. Winging it is really a huge a part of the job though, so i don't mind the challenge at all.

Your audience can fluctuate widely. If 10,000 people your ad one night, a mere 100 might see it the next if a high-interest program airs on another leech.

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